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“From Popular Song to Jazz Composition: Thelonious Monk’s Ruby, My Dear” published in the Annual Review of Jazz Studies #10, Scarecrow Press, Rutgers University, has been identified as essential reading by top scholars in the field and is cited as a must-read resource on Jazz, in the Oxford Bibliographies Online (

The Jazz Ensemble Companion: A Guide to Outstanding Big Band Arrangements Selected by Some of the Foremost Jazz Educators (Paperback)JEC cover

“A passionate and detailed study of quality literature for jazz ensemble. Helpful to jazz band directors and arrangers alike. Highly recommended !”

Frank L. Battisti, conductor emeritus, New England Conservatory Wind Ensemble

“Michele Caniato’s observations into why some arrangements/compositions pass the survival test of history are indeed insightful.”

Phil Wilson, trombonist, composer, and arranger

“A compelling approach in the world of jazz education: thoughtful, highly intelligent, insightful. I recommend this publication to educators and musicians alike.”

Michael Abene, Grammy Award-winning composer/arranger and music director of the WDR Big Band of Cologne, Germany

“There are, possibly, many hundreds of Secondary School, City/County Youth Jazz Orchestras and Rehearsal Big Bands in the UK. Some are under the musical direction of mature ex-big band players who in both senses of the words “know the score”. These lucky fellows are fully aware of who writes, who publishes and what the pedagogical content is of most of the big band repertoire. This splendid book is for the rest.”

Kenneth J. Morris (Burton-upon Trent, UK)